Our Story

We were trying to help a private school in Miami with IT problems after Hurricane Irma and quickly realized that their biggest issue was the lack of an intuitive, school wide emergency lockdown solution.

Looking at the marketplace, we were surprised by the lack of integrated solutions available and the high cost of existing stand-alone solutions. Our CTO/Co-founder knew that using his expertise he could leverage new and exciting AI and IoT technologies to deliver an advanced, integrated and reasonably priced security solution.

The core Simpliot Emergency Warning System (EWS) was initially developed and tested with direct input from the school. The system is lightning fast and provides users detailed Command and Control capabilities.

After numerous discussions and even more coffee, we came to the simple conclusion that a perimeter and common-area detection system was also required and thus Simpliot CITADEL was born.

The tragic events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School hit close to home and reinforced our desire and need to keep our children, families and communities safe. We expanded our existing ecosystem to enable video cameras to go from being passive devices to active tools, detecting firearms and other objects, as well as reading license plates and employing facial recognition. Once a threat is detected, users can notify an entire campus with an alert from the Simpliot EWS system.

We feel now is the time to take security to the next level, to deliver advanced, affordable and integrated security solutions to address ever changing threats.

Our Vision

Having worked in the corporate world for many years, we feel that quite often companies do not go the extra mile to nurture their employees and take care of them. We want to go the extra mile with our staff and strongly believe that if we take very good care of our team members, they in turn will take care of our customers and business.

We deliver cost-effective, advanced security systems designed to mitigate threats to facilities and campuses.

We strongly believe in communitas; an inherently collaborative process (doing with, rather than for someone). Communitas concentrates on assets, skills, abilities and desires of all involved in order to deliver the very best results.

The cornerstone of our corporate culture is the pursuit of and emphasis on alliances and long-term relationships.

Our Pledge

Our Give Back Program assists young young men and women lacking the opportunity to further their education, whatever the reason. The Program helps a candidate leverage his or her strengths so as to effectively approach employers.

If an employer hires our candidate, the Program covers 50% of their salary for the first 12 months. If the employer then retains our candidate thereafter, that employer agrees to refund the subsidy to the Program. That money can then be deployed to help other candidates.

Management Team

James Woodyatt, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

James worked in the financial markets industry from 1990 to 2005, holding various positions in institutions including Nomura Bank (Japanese equities, convertible and warrant bond sales), Tradition SA (interest rate swaps, inter-bank dealing) and Decillion AG (convertible arbitrage fund marketing). In 2001, James joined the hedge fund arm of Spain’s Grupo Santander where he was a Senior Vice President, head of International sales and marketing and a member of the company’s management committee. In 2007 James became a board member of xG Technology Inc. (then a London AIM listed company and since 2013 NASDAQ listed) and served on the board of xG until 2013. James acted as Deputy CEO from 2007 and as President (2012) of xG Technology Inc. until September 2016. James is fluent in French, English and Spanish and is conversant in German.

Aaron McKay, President and Chief Technology Officer

Aaron is an information technology industry veteran with over 20 years of experience. Initially trained as a network engineer in the mid-1990’s, Aaron has designed, built and successfully managed numerous global data networks. He has been the network architect for financial firms with billions of dollars in assets under management and global technology companies. He has provided inter-networking expertise to many private and government entities.

The various challenges of managing secure, wide-ranging data networks has provided Aaron the opportunity to stay current with constantly changing modern wired and wireless digital communications. Aaron has become a true believer in the Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) Neural Networks and the innovative capabilities these technologies can deliver. Aaron has been on many deployments with the United States government both in the domestically and with the State Department in Mexico. Aaron is fluent in English and Spanish.

Gregg Rodes, Chief Financial Officer

Gregg has over 22 years of corporate finance experience working for publicly traded companies, and most recently served as Vice President of Finance at xG Technology, Inc. He has an extensive background working for start-up companies in medical, broadcast and cellular industries, focusing on SEC filings, manufacturing and operations. Gregg received his BS in Business Administration from the University of Florida and his MBA from Florida Atlantic University. As part of the first graduating class from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, making his investment in ITC both personal and professional.