Anything, Anywhere

Market applications include schools, office buildings, public camera systems, banks, universities, churches, synagogues, temples, sports arenas, airports, mosques, train stations, expo halls, shopping malls, movie theaters, subway stations, concert halls, and potentially any facility. The system can also be deployed on buses, trains, airplanes and any other mode of transportation to detect threats in real time.

There are ever growing security risks in high attendance venues, campuses and businesses. Whether they be school/university shootings, concert attacks or other threats, the number of violent criminal events are unfortunately increasing in varying locations.

The number of recurring security problems are growing and include:

  • Active Shooter/External Threats
  • Internal Threats/Disgruntled Employees
  • Bomb/Terrorist Threats
  • Biohazard
  • Weather

Schools and Universities are now monitored and tested for their lock-down procedures. In most cases, schools utilize loud warning alarms or hybrid solutions leveraging the cell phone network through usage of Short Message System (SMS), commonly known as Text Messaging. This system is not ideal or fail safe given that when notifying many teachers and guards at the same time, a percentage of users may not receive the Text Messages, not notice them or the notification is simply too slow. If just one classroom does not get timely warning, students are at great risk.

Response times to emergencies are crucial. During an emergency every second counts. Sadly, unspeakable tragedies often unfold in a matter of minutes. To mitigate these risks, it is important to have ultra-fast Emergency Warning Systems and to leverage today’s advanced technologies.


Customers showcasing our technologies include the following market applications:

  • Florida - Private Schools (Primary & Middle Schools)
  • Florida - Private Schools (Secondary High Schools)
  • Florida - Private Schools (Universities/Colleges)
  • Florida - Places of Worship (Synagogues)
  • New York - Private Schools (Elementary & Primary Schools)
  • Latin and South America (Government Facilities)

Fixed Infrastructure

Mobile Infrastructure